Fit Radio Coupon & Promo Code (Always Current)

Fit Radio is an awesome fitness app that offers expertly curated workout playlists along with tons of audio-guided workouts.

Take it to the gym with you, for a run outside, or set it up for a killer workout in your own living room.

Fit Radio only costs a few dollars per week, but my readers can get a special discount.

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Fit Radio normally costs $2.15 per week, at the time of this writing, which is billed at $27.99 every 3-months.

With my discount, you can pay just $17.99 per quarter or a paltry $59.99 to access the app for an entire year.

That breaks down to just over a dollar per week.

All you have to do is click the link above to get the discount.

(The exact pricing model may change in the future, but as long as this page is live, you’ll get a discount by using my link above. I earn a commission on qualifying sign-ups.)

And if you’re interested in reading a little more about the pros and cons of Fit Radio, check out my full Fit Radio review right here.