Complete Guide to the Absolute Best Gyms (Reviews & Comparisons)

So, you’re ready to get in shape. This is the year.

That’s great!

There’s only one problem — you have twelve different gym chains within a 5 mile radius of your home or work. So how do you pick?

Below you’ll find my gym comparison guide and roundup of the best gyms you can join.

(Including gym membership price comparisons, features, pros and cons, and other information that’ll help you pick the right gym for your fitness goals. In a lot of the articles below, I compare gyms head-to-head to help you decide from two at a time.)

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Commercial Gym Reviews

Is Planet Fitness worth it? (Review)

PF is the cheapest gym option around, but is it a good value? In this article, I’ll break down what you get for the money, and why it’s a great choice for some people (but not everyone).

Is Life Time Fitness worth it? (Review)

On the other end of things, you have the ultra high-end fitness club, Life Time. You get a lot for your money here, but does it fit your budget and is it worth the price tag? Check my review to find out.

Big Box Gym Comparisons

Anytime Fitness vs Planet fitness

Anytime and Planet Fitness are two extremely popular convenience gyms. Check out price differences, equipment, and overall pros and cons in our versus comparison.

Planet Fitness vs LA Fitness

Do you want the convenience and low price point of Planet Fitness, or the size and breadth of features of LA Fitness? Our versus comparison breaks it all down for you.

LA Fitness vs Life Time Fitness

Two behemoths. Tons of features. Pools, saunas, classes, and more. Which big box gym chain is the best for you and your fitness goals? Compare prices and features with our versus guide.

24 Hour Fitness vs LA Fitness

These are two pretty evenly matched, mid-level gyms. Lots of space and equipment, pools, spas, and classes. Which one is a better fit for your specific fitness needs?

Crunch vs Planet Fitness

Two convenient and inexpensive gyms. Very similar pricing. But which one offers what you need for your own fitness goals? Check out my full breakdown here.

LA Fitness vs YMCA

These two gym chains are very different. One is a health and lifestyle club. The other, a community center and workout space. If you’re not sure which one is a better fit for you (and possibly, your family), check out my breakdown.

YMCA vs Planet Fitness

The YMCA and Planet Fitness are both pretty convenient, but have a big difference in price. You have to look closely at the offerings, amenities, and vibe to figure out which one is the better fit for your lifestyle.

Planet Fitness vs Blink

One inspired the other, but which is the ultimate convenience gym? Blink is a regional offering, but whether it’s the better choice for you will depend on your budget and workout needs. Here’s my guide.

Planet Fitness vs 24 Hour Fitness

Both of these chains are open 24 hours a day! Woohoo! But there’s a big difference in pricing and amenities. Which one is a better fit for your lifestyle? I break it down in this article.

24 Hour Fitness vs Anytime Fitness

These two are incredibly similar in price, equipment, and class selection. But there are at least two major differences that could swing you one way or the other. I’ll help you choose in this article.

Planet Fitness vs YouFit

Both inexpensive convenience gym chains have a lot to offer. If you’ve got a Youfit nearby (there are only around 100 of them!) you’ll want to check out my guide to choosing between these two.

Gold’s Gym vs Planet Fitness

One’s for cardio lovers, the other for bodybuilders… right? That’s really just scratching the surface. Here’s my guide to choosing between these two popular chains.

Gold’s Gym vs LA Fitness

Both are great health clubs that have a lot to offer, but they have slightly different vibes (and pricing). Here’s a quick guide to how to choose.

Snap Fitness vs Anytime Fitness

These two are mega convenient, but a little pricey. Still, having 24-hour access to a ton of locations might be a great fit for you. Here’s my breakdown.

Anytime Fitness vs LA Fitness

I love both of these super popular chains, and they’re really similar overall. But there are two key differences you should know about before you sign up.

Gold’s Gym vs YMCA

One’s for lifters, one’s for old people, right? Well, not quite. Both of these chains actually have a lot to offer, but which one is right for you?

Other Helpful Gym Guides

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Full breakdown of prices of the most popular and best gym chains, plus some averages and what you should expect to pay when joining a gym.

First day at the gym

Total newbie? Not sure where to go, what to do, or what to bring on your first day at the gym? This guide should help?

How to negotiate your gym membership

Gym memberships can be pricey, no doubt. But they cost more when you pay unnecessary joining, administration, or annual fees. Use this guide to get the best deal possible at any gym locations.

Free workout plans for the gym

Joined a gym but have no idea what to do? Here’s a list of over a dozen free workout plans you can start right now, whether you want to build strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, or just burn calories.

Stay tuned for more gym comparison guides coming soon!