Burn Boot Camp vs F45: Which Workout Studio Should You Join?

If you haven’t seen Burn Boot Camp or F45 classes in action, they are intense and a lot of fun.

These studios are relatively similar in their approaches to workouts, but there are still some differences like: 

  • membership options
  • amenities
  • and the workout schedule

Let’s take a look at Burn Boot Camp vs F45 and see which one might be the better fit for you.

Burn Boot Camp and F45 are extremely similar in the workouts they offer — both consist of 45 minute workout circuits with a different focus each day of the week. Burn and F45 also cost about the same to join.

Burn Boot Camp is a better fit for parents due to the on-site childcare at nearly every studio, while F45 is great for its more predictable and regimented schedule.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros, cons, and differences between these studios.


The monthly membership costs at Burn and F45 are extremely similar.

Which makes sense — they both offer similar workouts and amenities.

If you are a first-time student, both studios will give you an introductory offer depending on the location.

In some cases, you can even get up to 14-days free when you sign-up at F45 Training, or you can get half-off for the month when working out at Burn Boot Camp. 

The Costs of Burn Boot Camp 

Depending on your location, you will have differing membership fees than the ones on this list.

However, here are some average numbers compiled from different studios around the country:

Most of the membership packages at Burn Boot Camp will cost you somewhere between $100-$179 per month, depending on your contract.

Most Burn Boot Camp members pay an average of about $125 per month. 

The most significant factor that determines the cost of your membership will be the length of the contract.

Most Burn Boot Camps will have contracts that are six, twelve, or eighteen months long. 

Unlike F45 Training, you can go to unlimited classes at Burn each month, with no maximum amount of classes. 

If you want to do a single drop-in class after your introductory class, the classes will cost $15-$25, depending on the location.

These are for classes during the week, as Burn Boot Camp has free camps open to the public on Saturdays in the morning. 

Burn Boot Camp also has what they call a ‘Fit Card’ that can be used on-demand and does not require a fixed contract.

With all of these options, you can find a membership option that is best for you. 

Once you have a membership at Burn Boot Camp, you also can use your membership at any of the locations nationwide.

This is a good choice for those with unpredictable schedules, and it is better than F45 in this aspect. 

The Costs of F45 Training 

While Burn Boot Camp generally only has unlimited class memberships or prepaid Fit Cards, F45 has more flexible membership options.

Starting with their smallest plan of four classes per month, it can go up to unlimited classes. 

Here are the most common membership options and their prices available at F45 Training studios:  

  • Single class drop-in rate is $27 per class 
  • Eight classes for $149 per month 
  • Unlimited classes for $199 per month 
  • Unlimited classes for three months for $537 ($179 per month
  • Unlimited classes for six months for $1,014 ($169 per month

For long-time members, the prepaid class options will be the best deal at F45 on a per-class basis.

The single class drop-in costs will be the priciest, so it’s best not to pay for single classes as a frequent member.

If you are a new member of F45, their introductory offers will give you plenty of experience to know if you want to come back.

If you want to start slowly, I recommend choosing the four or eight classes for the first month. 

Since F45 studios are privately owned, your membership is specific to your studio, and won’t translate to other F45 studios.  

Facilities and Amenities 

Built to be the perfect atmosphere for HIIT workouts, both Burn Boot Camp and F45 Training have facilities that can be closely compared to each other.

Once you walk inside, you will see pull-up bars, cushioned padded flooring, and various other workout equipment. 

Both of these studios are also highly motivating, with various motivational quotes decorating the walls.

Burn Boot Camp Facilities & Amenities 

At Burn Boot Camp, once you walk in, you’ll know you are in the right place when you notice the bright blue colors throughout the studio and the friendly front desk attendant greets you to prep for class. 

Depending on your location, there may be locker rooms or not.

Burn Boot Camp studios will be different at every location you visit, so call your local studio to ask if they have locker rooms available to make sure you can shower after class. 

However, while there may not be a locker room, there is still storage space for you to put your stuff in for class.

The storage cubbies will be next to the front desk, so it will feel safe to store your items there. 

One of the great offerings of Burn Boot Camp is its childcare center.

If you have children, someone will watch over them while you attend your 45-minute class. The childcare services are included in every membership. 

The childcare center eliminates the stress of finding a babysitter when you want to workout, keeping you disciplined.

(See more about fitness classes with childcare here.)

F45 Training Facilities & Amenities 

The facilities at an F45 will be similar to a Burn Boot Camp, with some differing amenities at each studio.

When you walk in, you will be greeted by the front desk staff and shown around the studio if it’s your first time. 

You will find various exercise equipment, with some unique options like weighted sleds to use during class.

Like Burn Boot Camp, having locker rooms with showers at F45 is not a guarantee, and it depends on the individual studio. 

While most Burn Boot Camps have childcare centers, the same can’t be said for an F45 studio.

You will need to contact your local studio before bringing your children to the training center because they may not have childcare services. 

Because each F45 studio is privately owned, you can go on the Facebook or Instagram pages of the studio closest to you in order to get a better sense of the amenities.

The Workout 

As functional HIIT-style training studios, the workouts at Burn Boot Camp and F45 will be similar.

You will go through various training circuits during class with movements that improve your cardiovascular health and muscular strength. 

F45 Workouts 

At F45 Training, you will have the choice between strength or cardio-focused workouts spread throughout the week.

With 36 unique workouts, you will always have something new to try when you take an F45 class. 

F45 typically will have cardiovascular-focused workouts on:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday 
  • Friday 
  • Sunday 

If you are more interested in strength training and building a more muscular physique, the strength training classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On Saturdays, the classes will be a strong mix of both cardio and strength. 

When looking over the F45 workout schedule, you will notice that the classes have unique names like ‘Roman’ or ‘Bears.’

These names for the workouts will let you know what style of workout it will be, and you will be able to prepare for what’s to come. 

As the F45 name implies, the workouts will all be 45-minutes long, and then you can continue with your day.

These styles of workouts are great for busy people, allowing you to squeeze in a quick workout that still produces fantastic results. 

Burn Boot Camp Workouts 

The workouts at Burn Boot Camp are very intense, and it will take a lot of determination to finish strong.

At Burn Boot Camp, the workouts won’t be as predictable or structured as F45 every week.

You will see the schedule posted online or at the studio, giving you a breakdown of the classes during the week.

These classes will also be broken down into the targeted muscle groups, unlike F45.

Some classes will give you a great upper body strength training workout, while others will focus on your overall cardiovascular health.

If you are not experienced in fitness, I highly recommend doing a focus meeting with your Burn Boot Camp trainer. 

During one of these meetings, you can discuss your fitness goals and limitations with a personal trainer at the studio.

Once the trainer learns a little more about you, they can give you recommendations for classes to reach these goals. 

(See my full review of the Burn Boot Camp workout here.)

Community and Vibe 

One of the main reasons why these studios are so great is their community-oriented focus.

From the moment you step into either of these studios, you will be greeted and welcomed by the staff. 

The personal trainers will make it a goal to learn about you and make you feel comfortable before and after the workout.

The members of these communities are usually very welcoming as well, giving high-fives and encouragement after class. 

The classes are very diverse, with a good mixture of very fit people and those just getting started.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you can find a place you feel welcomed at one of these studios. 

Wrapping Up

The high-intensity workouts of these gyms are very similar, but the main difference is the convenience and workout schedule.

At Burn Boot Camp, the childcare services and the ability to visit any Burn Boot Camp studio in the country are a big benefit. 

At F45, you will thrive if you love the strict schedule, individuality of a small studio, and a strong sense of community.

Whatever your choice, both of these options bring an empowering experience that helps you reach your fitness goals.!

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Hope this helps!