Fitness Tips, Tools & Resources

These are some of my favorite and most helpful exercise and muscle building links from around the web.

Check them out and they should help you get the most out of your workouts! Have a great fitness resource or link you think ought to be here? Email me.

Strength standards

Curious how you stack up to your peers? This nifty tool draws on tons of data to give “average” levels of strength for beginners, novices, intermediate, and advanced lifters. It’s not gospel, but can be a useful benchmark.

How many calories does climbing stairs burn? (Calculator)

Do you go up and down stairs all day at work? Or are you wondering if adding a couple flights of stairs to your routine can burn more calories? Try this calculator to know for sure.

Workout program reviews

I dive in to the top workout programs to help you find the best routine for your body type. Start here!

Muscle symmetry checker

This is a great tool for figuring out which of our lifts/muscle groups are lagging. Input your best lifts and you’ll get some great data back on where you’re ahead of the game, and where you might need some extra work.

The ultimate guide to bodyweight core exercises

Literally every possible way to work your abs and core without using weights. An amazing resource and guide.

Workout supplement reviews

All my articles reviewing & comparing preworkouts, protein powders, and more, all in one place.

Exercise directory

Just a list of nearly every possible exercise that exists, broken down by muscle group. Super duper helpful.

Gym comparison guide

Need help getting started picking a new gym? We pit all the major chains against each other to help you get the perfect fit.

Fitness coupons

All of my best, most up to date exclusive discounts on fitness products, apps, and workout programs. All in one place.