Workout Supplement Guide & Reviews

Are you thinking of taking your exercise program to the next level with some basic supplements? We’re not talking steroids here! But pre-workouts, creatine, protein powder, and some other simple supplements can really supercharge your results.

That is, of course, if you pick the right ones.

Below you’ll find all of my articles reviewing and comparison different workout supplements, which supplements work, which ones don’t, which workout supplements are good for beginners, and which ones to stay away from.


C4 Preworkout Review

Here’s a good, basic preworkout supplement to give you energy, focus, and boosted performance in the gym. The energy level is mid to high (though it may be a tad much if you like your morning coffee, too). But it works and tastes great.


C4 Sport Preworkout Review

C4 Sport by Cellucor has the same great taste as the original blend, but with a little less caffeine and a little more creatine, for better muscle performance and recovery. This is a great preworkout supplement for really smooth energy and solid post-gym recovery.


Six Star Pre Workout Explosion vs Cellucor C4

I review two of the top pre workout drinks on the market – Explosion and C4 – and pit them against each other based on ingredients, performance, reviews, cost, and more. Check it out and help me pick a winner!


Kino Octane Review

Greg O’Gallagher from Kinobody has thrown his hat in the ring with a high-end, all-natural pre workout supplement called Octane. Does it live up to the hype, or is it all flash and no substance? I tried it myself to find out.


Kino Sleep All-Natural Sleep Aid

Proper sleep is a hugely overlooked aspect of good recovery! If you have trouble sleeping, or just want a little bit of extra recovery after a tough workout. Kino Sleep claims to be the best all-natural solution. I’ve used it myself and put it to the test.


Best Preworkout for Weight Loss (Female)

A lot of preworkout supplements claim they’ll help you “shred fat,” but do they really? In this article I’ll walk you through how a preworkout can actually help you lose weight (spoiler alert: it’s not by magic!) and which ones are best for women who want to drop some fat.


Best Creatine for Vegans

A diet low or devoid of meat means you’re missing out on vital creatine. If you’re training, you’re definitely going to want to supplement your vegan diet with creatine. Most creatine is totally vegetarian and vegan friendly, but there are a few things to keep in mind, which I lay out in this buying guide.


The Best Supplements for Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an awesome way to shed fat and get into ketosis quickly. But it’s not always easy. Here are my top picks for staying hydrated, boosting energy, and feeling great during long fasts.


Care/Of Vitamins Review

I gave personalized vitamins a try for 30 days. Read about what happened!


Stay tuned for more workout supplement reviews, coming soon!