My Soylent Coffiest Review (Plus Nutrition & Where To Buy)

I recently started drinking Soylent 2.0, much to the chagrin of my wife and many other people in my life.

(Some people just can’t wrap their heads around the idea of a liquid meal replacement.)

I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical at first, too. I initially tried drinking Soylent as part of my workout routine to keep my macros and nutrition in check.

But it turned out I actually really grew to like Soylent and how convenient it was!

The only thing missing, obviously, was caffeine. So I decided to try Soylent Coffiest next.

Here’s my full Soylent Coffiest review, what I liked, what I didn’t like, and why you might consider giving it a shot as a breakfast replacement!

What is Soylent Coffiest?

Basically, Soylent Coffiest is regular Soylent plus coffee. That just about sums it up.

But if you’re not familiar with the concept behind Soylent, let’s start there:

Soylent is a meal replacement drink. It’s designed to have exactly the proper amount of all the macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc) that our bodies need in one easy to consume (and quite convenient) bottle.

Roughly, it’s about 20% of your needed nutrition for the day, and about 400 calories total.

Soylent Coffiest takes this same concept and injects a little caffeine (and some extra flavor) into the equation. Coffiest still has all the same nutritional value as regular Soylent, just with a different taste and about the same amount of caffeine as a strong cup of coffee.

This allegedly makes it a perfect replacement for your regular breakfast. The only question is: Is Soylent Coffiest actually good?

How does Soylent Coffiest taste?

I went ahead and took the plunge and ordered a full 12 pack of Soylent coffiest, so I was all-in. I was really hoping it tasted good (or good enough).

My first bottle was… a little rough around the edges.

I specifically recall almost a burnt popcorn taste. The flavor didn’t sit great with me, and as a result, my stomach wasn’t super happy.

Discouraged, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with 11 more bottles of Soylent Coffiest. But then I remembered my experience drinking Soylent Original and I felt better:

In my experience, the first bottle of Soylent always takes some getting used to. It’s different than anything you’ve ever had before. It’s not milk. It’s not pizza. It’s a pretty unique experience for your palate, and it’s JAM packed with nutrients to digest, so it can be a lot for your tummy to handle.

But you DO get used to it.

My second bottle of Coffiest (a few days later) went down like a dream. Instead of burnt popcorn, I really was able to notice and appreciate the coffee flavor. The texture was about the same as Soylent Original. I enjoyed the taste a lot and my stomach was a lot happier with the second bottle.

I haven’t even mentioned the boost in energy after drinking Soylent Coffiest (Amazon link), which was very noticeable and definitely on par with a big cup of coffee.

Overall, I really enjoyed Soylent Coffiest and am happily working my way through the rest of the pack. You just can’t beat the convenience of a nutritionally balanced meal in a bottle, especially when it includes caffeine.

Count me in as a fan.

Why Soylent Coffiest is good for working out

I mentioned earlier in my Coffiest review that I initially tried Soylent as something of a pre-workout meal, thinking all the rich micronutrients and a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat would help me while lifting weights in the gym.

I definitely found myself pleasantly surprised by how satiated I felt after drinking Soylent, and how well that translated to energy in the gym.

Coffiest may even be an improvement on the whole concept of using Soylent as a pre-workout. It’s got all the nutritional value, obviously, but the added caffeine is a nice boost if you’re headed into a heavy lifting or cardio session.

It’s definitely worth a try. And not only that, but anyone who’s tracking their calories and nutrition carefully (whether to lose weight or gain muscle) can definitely benefit from a convenient, pre-packaged meal like Soylent.

You know exactly what you’re getting every single time.

What’s in Soylent Coffiest and what are its nutritional facts?

Here are the top ingredients in a bottle of Soylent Coffiest, according to the manufacturer:

As far as nutrition goes, Soylent Coffiest is extremely balanced, and pretty much identical to original Soylent.

  • 400 calories
  • 21 g total fat
  • 2 g saturated fat
  • 0g trans fat
  • 300mg sodium
  • 37g total carbohydrate
  • 20g protein
  • 20% of your daily balance of vitamins and minerals

Where to buy Soylent Coffiest?

You can get Coffiest directly from Soylent via subscription, or you can click here to get Soylent Coffiest from Amazon