Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Review: An effortless fat loss & cutting program

If you know the Kinobody system, you know it’s basically an aesthetics-heavy lifting protocol with several different phases.

For those who want to lose some fat and gain a little muscle, for a super lean and shredded look, there’s the Warrior Shredding Program.

For those who want to bulk up and put on some serious muscle while staying lean, there’s the Greek God Program. (Click those links for my full review and experience on each.)

But if you’ve got a good bit of fat to lose and want to do so as fast as possible (but in a safe way), you’ll be most interested in the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program, or AFL 2.0.

I’ll dive into a full review in a minute, but for those of you in a hurry, here are the basics of what you’re probably here for:

The Aggressive Fat Loss Program is a ridiculously effective way to strip away lots of fat quickly but safely.

The most recent version of the program has you doing only 2 short but high-intensity workouts per week for amazing results and includes some awesome bonuses like ideas for fat loss over the age of 40. I still wish there was a bit more instruction on lifting technique for newbies, however.

What I Liked What I Didn’t Like
The program works! (Scroll down for transformations) Not a lot of technique & form pointers
Only 2 workouts per week! A little bit pricey for a workout program
TONS of content and advanced fat loss ideas

(Here are my results after following a mix of Aggressive Fat Loss and the Warrior Shredding programs for about a year:)

Before and after Kinobody

Now let’s get into it:

Does the Aggressive Fat Loss Program work?


If I have learned anything after personally following Kinbody for about a year, completely changing my body, and seeing dozens and dozens of transformations from other people who use the system, I’ve learned this:

This stuff works.

Stick with the program and you WILL see results. Period. Everyone’s body is a little bit different and your mileage may vary, but Aggressive Fat Loss will absolutely, 100% help you quickly drop significant amounts of body fat if you follow the program.

How hard is it?

Losing weight quickly and safely with a cutting program like Aggressive Fat Loss is simple, but not easy.

That is to say, if you can commit to hitting the gym hard three times per week and being diligent with your nutrition, you can totally do this!

Here’s the good news: Three low-volume workouts per week is TOTALLy doable… You won’t be living in the gym and sacrificing your social life. You also won’t have to cut out all of your major foods, or even alcohol, for this program to work.

Greg O’Gallagher gives you lots of fantastic strategies to hit your calorie deficit each day.

Again: You can do this!

Is it a good value?

That’s up to you!

How much would you pay for a proven, step-by-step blueprint to lose 50 pounds or more in a short time frame?

The Kinobody programs aren’t cheap, but damnit if they aren’t effective, fun to follow, and incredibly motivating.

You can definitely lose weight on your own, but following Greg’s expert guidance might just be the push you need.

A quick note on how I’m conducting this review…

When I review a product or workout program, I really prefer to try it out firsthand and share my experience.

That’s exactly what I did when I reviewed the Warrior Shredding and Greek God programs. (I pretty much completely transformed my physique following Kinobody.)

 1 year on Kinobody
1 year on Kinobody

I’ve used the Aggressive Fat Loss program myself and seen amazing results from it.

I haven’t followed it for long stretches at a time, but I use it to switch things up a bit and experience quick fat loss (especially after bulking or during the summer).

So the below is 100% based on my own personal experience with the program.

What do you get with the Aggressive Fat Loss Program?

Buckle up, because there’s a lot here.

Inside the Aggressive Fat Loss Program, you’ll find:

  • A welcome video from Greg
  • A long, detailed journal of his discovery of Intermittent Fasting as a dieting and weight loss strategy
  • A meticulous breakdown of the Aggressive Fat Loss dieting strategy, including how to use Intermittent Fasting to eat one large meal and one small meal per day, feel full and satisfied, and still lose weight.
  • A two-day workout split (this is the main workout plan in the program) with just one upper body and one lower body workout per week for maximum recovery.
  • A three-day workout split, consisting of two upper body days and a lower body day. The workouts are written in text form and also come with instructional videos.
  • A lengthy self-hypnosis drill with detailed scripts to help your mindset stay sharp during intense dieting.
  • Greg’s notes and advice on being present and conquering goals.
  • An entire guide dedicated to how to drink alcohol and have fun with friends while still hitting your weight loss goals.
  • Several bonuses, including an alternate workout plan and a sort-of audio version of the program.

How do you get it?

Like all of the Kinobody courses, Aggressive Fat Loss is hosted on an interactive platform called Teachable.

It’s intuitive, easy to use, well organized, and I’ve rarely had complaints using it.

Pros and Cons of Aggressive Fat Loss

Like I said, I fully admit that I have not tried this program myself, but as someone who has been through fat-loss before, here’s what I do and don’t like about the program.


It works. That’s the point, right? Follow this program and you will lose fat, guaranteed.

It’s honest.

Greg doesn’t claim that you’ll lose a pound a day, or that you’ll lose 14 pounds in your first week on the program (like some less reputable programs do). He knows fat loss is a long journey for most of us with significant amounts of weight to lose, and he doesn’t sugarcoat that. He preaches consistency and patience with losing 1.5 to 2 pounds per week over the long haul.

It’s supportive.

I actually really liked some of the mindset material Greg includes in the program. He seems to really want to help people accept themselves for who they are right now, and enjoy the journey to their best self. It feels great to hit a big fitness goal and it’ll bring you pride and confidence, but it won’t make you happy if you don’t love yourself.

It’s incredibly detailed.

There’s no stone left unturned in this program, whether it’s how to balance your carbs/protein/fats, how and when to do a refeed day, how and when to return to maintenance calories, how to drink alcohol and have fun and still lose weight, how to push through mental blocks. Everything you need to succeed is in here.


Overall quality is hit and miss.

If you’re looking for flashy, professional edited workout videos with detailed instruction on form and technique, you won’t find that here. The workout videos are short and just show Greg walking you through the exercises in his home gym. Likewise the “audio companion” is just Greg talking about the program into a low-quality mic. The information is fantastic and the program gets the job done, but the production value isn’t always there.

UPDATE: These have been updated in 2019 and are WAY better and easier to follow.

Not a minimalist program.

I don’t personally think this is a con, but some people in the fitness community tend to think that if a program doesn’t heavily emphasize barbell back squats, conventional deadlifts, and flat bench press, than it isn’t worthy of your money. I totally disagree, but ultimately you have to decide what your goals are. Do you want to lose a ton of fat and have a really nicely proportioned, muscular build? Or do you want to deadlift 500 pounds as soon as possible?

It’s built around Intermittent Fasting. 

The other Kinobody programs highly encourage you to use this unique style of eating, but don’t require it. As far as I can tell, the entire AFL program is designed around Intermittent Fasting. If that doesn’t suit your lifestyle, or you just don’t like it, this might not be for you.

The Verdict

I highly recommend the Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program.

If you’re looking to lose fat quickly, but in a safe, realistic, and consistent way, this is a terrific program for you to try.

Forget the fad diets and weight loss pill shams, the right way to do it is to eat in a calorie deficit, fill your body with a good balance of macro and micronutrients, and exercise. AFL makes that process simple and enjoyable.

Ready to join the Aggressive Fat Loss Program today? Follow these 4 simple steps to get an easy $20 off:

  • Click here to take the Kinobody Physique Builder Quiz (opens in a new tab), then enter your gender and age.
  • Under “Condition,” choose “I have no clue how much muscle I have with all this fat covering it!”
  • Under “Goal,” choose “I want to do an Aggressive Cut”
  • The next page will give you the program for $49 instead of $69

Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Review & Transformations
Evan Porter
Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program

4.5 / 5