Is Kinobody a monthly subscription or one-time payment? (Explained)

Is Kinobody a monthly subscription

I LOVE the Kinobody workout programs.

I started using them a year or two ago and pretty quickly shed over 15 pounds of fat and got that lean, toned look I had been after.

But I understand when people have reservations about forking over hard-earned cash for a workout program, especially one they found online.

If you’re thinking about joining a Kinobody program, a question I see all the time is:

Is Kinobody a monthly subscription or a one-time payment?

You’ll be glad to hear that the Kinobody programs are a one-time payment. You pay once and get access to the program for life, including updated versions of the programs as they’re released!

(If that’s all you needed to know, click here to take the Kinobody Physique Builder quiz — you’ll get a recommendation based on your body type for what program to do, PLUS an instant $20 off.)

Below I’ll break down a more things you should know about Kinobody pricing:

How you buy the Kinobody workout programs

In general, you have a few different options when you’re ready to join Kinobody.

First, take the Physique Builder Quiz

Find the link above to get started.

But I think this is a great option for most people. If you’re not sure whether you should cut or bulk, this super-short quiz will help you get to the root of your actual goals.

Plus, if you take the quiz and fork over your email address, you’ll get $20 off the program right then and there, which is a pretty sweet deal you won’t get anywhere else.

Or, go to the program page itself.

If you don’t feel like dealing with the quiz, you can always just go right to the program page you’re interested in and buy from there.

Here are some quick links:

Now the downside here is you’re missing out on that $20 off.

(Seriously, you’d be surprised how many people pay full price because they don’t know about that.)

But the good news is, whatever you end up paying, you’ll get 30-days risk-free to try the program. If you’re not digging it after 30 days, you’ll get a full refund.

Piece of cake.

Pay a one time fee.

For the most part, the main Kinobody programs run a standard price of $69.

That’s it, one-time fee!

You pay that and you’ve got access to the digital course for life.

You’ll get a login and be able to access all of the course materials (readings, print-outs, workout videos, and more) through an interactive platform called Teachable.

There’s no pdf version of the programs, it’s all interactive and online.

The other cool thing is that once you pay, you’ll get all of the updates for that program for free, forever.

In the past year or so, Greg O’Gallagher and Kinobody have released MAJOR updates and upgrades for:

  • Greek God
  • Warrior Shredding
  • And Aggressive Fat Loss

Instead of making everyone pay for the new programs, current members get access, which I think is pretty cool.

What about the Kinobody supplements?

Unlike the workout program, you can get the supplements put on a regular schedule and delivered to your door each month.

Kino Octane, Gains, Aminos, and Sleep are all available on a monthly subscription.

Setting this up will actually save you 15% on the costs, which is really helpful.

The supplements are great (Octane is my pre workout of choice), but damn if they aren’t expensive. I keep mine on a subscription set to every other month just to keep the cost down a little bit.

Normally, each of these individually is about $39.95, but on the subscription model you’ll pay about $33.96 per bottle.

(If you’re curious, check out my honest review of what I liked and didn’t like about Kino Octane.)

Is Kinobody legit or a scam?

I know it’s weird, buying stuff from the Internet after seeing a cool YouTube ad or something.

It’s scary to send off your money without knowing if you’ll get what they promised you!

To put your mind at ease, no, Kinobody is not a scam.

Regardless of whether the programs and supplements work (which they do), if you send a payment to Kinobody, they WILL send you what you ordered, 100% guaranteed.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof: My email confirmation for my last batch of Kino Octane!

My Kinobody receipt

You can read all about what I think of the individual Kinobody programs right here, but as for whether the company is a scam that’s going to steal your money, it absolutely is not!

Wrapping Up

Joining a Kinobody program is as simple as paying a one-time fee online. That sets you up for lifetime access to the program you chose, along with all of the updates that may come out for that program in the future.

It’s honestly a pretty great deal.

Your best bet is to take the 30-second Physique Builder quiz and get an easy $20 off the program of your choice.

But if you have any other questions about Kinobody for a real, paying customer, let me know in the comments!

Hope this helps.