Which Kinobody program should you do? (Explained)

Which Kinobody program is best

I’ve been a huge fan of Kinobody and Greg O’Gallagher for a few years now.

In fact, I’ve tried all of the men’s programs myself and have had great results!

But if you’re looking to get started, you probably don’t care that much about what I did. You’re here to find out…

Which Kinobody program should you do? Which Kinobody program is best for you and your goals?

Here’s my quick breakdown.

Most beginners and intermediates to strength training should get the Movie Star Body program. It’s a simplified and updated protocol that combines a cutting phase with lean-bulking — it’s everything you need in one program.

More advanced lifters might want to consider the Greek God or Superhero bulking programs.

Get started by clicking the links above.

If you want a little more of an explanation from someone who’s tried them all, read on!

About the Kinobody programs (3 things to know)

No matter which program you choose, each of the Kinobody programs promotes the same core principles.

Greg (the founder of Kinobody) has a unique approach to fitness you won’t quite find anywhere else.

Bits and pieces of the philosophy have been borrowed from elsewhere, tweaked, expanded upon, or improved.

And at the end of the day, the programs promote the use of compound lifts almost everyone has heard of.

There are no major, earth-shattering secrets here! Just a detailed, step-by-step blueprint that really, really works.

Here’s what all of the programs have in common.

Most, if not all of the programs, utilize intermittent fasting

This is probably the thing Kinobody is best known for.

All of the fat loss programs that Kinobody offers utilize intermittent fasting as a strategy to shed excess weight and keep it off.

What does that mean? On these programs, you’ll be encouraged to pick a roughly 8-hour eating window each day (I usually eat from about 1-9pm).

The rest of the time, you’ll fast; curbing your appetite, lowering your daily calorie intake, increasing focus and energy, and burning some fat in the process.

Yes, you’ll also be encouraged to use intermittent fasting on the Kinobody bulking programs!

Why? Because intermittent fasting while bulking is an awesome way to stay lean and avoid excess fat gain.

The programs emphasize gaining strength on key lifts

You won’t find a bunch of fluff and pump bodybuilding stuff in these programs.

It’s a HUGE misconception that you need to lift light weights for high reps while cutting in order to get that “toned” look.

But on Greg’s programs, you’ll be lifting heavy each and every week, even in fat loss phases. And you’ll see WAY better results trying it his way.

Each program is designed to fit and promote a fulfilling lifestyle

You won’t be in the gym 6 days a week on any of these programs.

For the most part, expect three lifting days per week on non-consecutive days.

(The easiest schedule is Monday-Wednesday-Friday.)

Some of the programs may have supplemental, at-home workouts you can do, or you can add in extra low-intensity cardio or abs work here and there.

But the idea here is not to LIVE in the gym, but rather to make the most of your time there so you can get on with your life and still get results.

Now let’s talk quickly about each of the programs and who they’re best for:

The Warrior Shredding Program – For men who want to get super lean and cut

This was my personal favorite program in the whole Kinobody catalog for a long time.

On the original Warrior Shredding, you’ll use intermittent fasting and three lifting days per week to get lean and shredded, not to mention pretty strong!

This program is best for guys who have a small to medium amount of fat to lose (around 5-20 pounds) and want to get cut without losing strength.

(Since I originally wrote this, the workouts and concepts of WSP have been bundled into the new and improved Movie Star Body program. Start there.)

Get started risk-free for 30 days on WSP right here.

The Greek God Program – For men who want to bulk up and stay lean

If you’re already lean and ready to put on some size, you’ll want to go with Greek God.

This program uses intermittent fasting and a similar lifting strategy to Warrior Shredding, but with a little more volume on key lifts.

You’ll manage your calorie surplus and weight gain very closely in order to stay lean on your bulk (and sometimes even get leaner).

On this program you’ll see awesome gains on your incline bench press (chest and shoulders) and weighted pull-ups (back)!

Get started risk-free for 30 days on GGP right here.

The Superhero Bulking Program – For advanced guys who want to add serious size

If you’ve already got some muscle on your frame and have been lifting for a while, you’ll want to try the Superhero Bulking Program to take things to the next level.

Higher-volume lifting has its place, and this is where it fits in right here!

You’ll still only lift three times per week, and you’ll manage your diet to avoid fat gain, but you’ll use some more advanced strategies to pack on even more muscle in this phase of your training.

Get started risk-free for 30 days on SBP right here.

Aggressive Fat Loss – For anyone who wants to lose a lot of fat, FAST

Aggressive Fat Loss is an amazing program, and in my opinion, has some of the best Kinobody transformations around.

It’s EXTREMELY effective at helping people slim down extraordinarily quickly.

You’ll (you guessed it) use intermittent fasting, low-volume lifting, and an aggressive but safe calorie deficit to shed fat fast on this program.

It’s great for men and women, and damn does it get results.

Get started risk-free for 30 days on AFL right here — bundled with the all-new Movie Star Body.

Goddess Toning Program – For women who want the lean and toned look

Don’t worry, ladies, Kinobody has stuff for you too.

Goddess is basically the cutting/fat loss program for women. You’ll slim down effortlessly and get strong on major key lifts. Together, this creates an absolutely amazing lean and toned physique.

Intermittent fasting, heavy lifting, you know the drill.

Goddess does include a bulking phase, if you want to try it, once you get pretty lean. It’ll help you pack on muscle to the right areas for a curvy, athletic physique.

Get started risk-free for 30 days on GTP right here.

The Kinobooty Program – For women who want to build the Hollywood booty!

If Goddess Toning is for the lean, athletic look, Kinobooty is a specialization program for women who specifically want to build up their butts, hamstrings, and accentuate their curves.

You’ll lift heavy on key booty-builders like Romainian deadlifts and hip-thrusts while eating in a tightly-managed calorie surplus.

If you want to put on muscle but are scared of looking bulky, this is definitely the blueprint right here.

Get started risk-free for 30 days on KBP right here.

Wrapping Up

I’ve personally tried all of the men’s programs myself, and I’ve checked out the women’s programs pretty thoroughly as well. If you’re still confused at all, ask any question you want in the comments and I’ll try to answer!

Which Kinobody program is best is an impossible question to answer, because everyone has a different starting point and a different end goal.

For most people in the beginner to intermediate phase, you’ll want to start with the Movie Star Body program — it has everything you need to get in incredible shape in just a few months.

Hope this helps!