Experts Explain What Results You’ll See from Burn Boot Camp in 1 Month & Beyond

When we think of the origins of “boot camps,” we typically think of military training.

Quick and intense workouts were completed daily to help soldiers prepare for the stresses of their military service. 

While boot camps were originally for soldiers, they have taken on a new name with fitness studios like Burn Boot Camp.

The group fitness classes at Burn Boot Camp mix cardio, endurance, and strength training into a short 45-minute class. 

That all sounds great! There’s just one question:

Does Burn Boot Camp actually get results?

After attending classes at Burn Boot camp for a month or more, you can expect to see the following results: 

  • Improved body composition 
  • Better heart health 
  • Increased muscular strength and size
  • Improved confidence in fitness 
  • Results specific to your own customized plan

These fitness boot camp classes are a good choice for people of all fitness backgrounds.

To help me explain the benefits of these classes, I spoke with several fitness experts to learn more about the benefits of a fitness boot camp like Burn Boot Camp.

Improved Body Composition & Fat Loss 

At Burn Boot Camp, you will be doing more than losing weight.

With a combination of strength training and cardio exercise, you will notice improvements in your overall body composition. 

As a beginner, you will likely experience more of an improvement in your body composition in a short amount of time than someone who’s been training for years.

When I asked personal trainer Melani Austria about the improvements a beginner will experience, she said: 

“A beginner has what we like to call newbie gains! In simple terms, it means if they haven’t done this type of training, the workout will have an amazing effect on their body!

Boot camp classes are perfect for working out the entire body and making sure that every muscle is worked.” 

While an improvement of your body composition is a great benefit, it won’t be easy.

The classes at Burn Boot Camp are short and very intense. You will be doing strenuous exercise during class that will always keep you on your toes. 

You may be wondering, “How quickly will I be able to see results in my body after taking a Burn Boot Camp?”

When talking to Melani about the results of attending a Burn Boot Camp, she noted that: 

“If you are a beginner and you go to boot camp classes 3-4 times a week for 30 days, you’ll likely lose 5-10lbs in your first month.

If you include a good diet, you’ll likely lose 10-15lbs in your first month. This depends on your weight as well.”

As a beginner, you will be at an advantage because of the newbie gains Melani mentioned above.

Your body will react quickly to the new fitness regimen, adapting fast and making progress. 

However, it’s also crucial that you stick with a diet that best matches your fitness goals.

You will still notice an improvement with only Burn Boot Camp classes, but you could double those results with a proper diet.

Andrew Blakey, personal trainer and director at, agrees that nutrition is an important component of improving your body composition. He says:

“While many people get involved with boot camps for weight-loss purposes—if you don’t hone in on your diet as well, you likely won’t lose weight nearly as quickly as you’d like.”

Fuel your workouts with a healthy source of carbohydrates like oats or whole-grain bread. You want to feel full but not very sluggish when attending an intense fitness class like Burn Boot Camp. 

Better Heart Health 

Maintaining a healthy heart comes with a host of benefits that translates into all areas of life.

Whether you want to run faster or live longer, you can’t go wrong with cardiovascular exercise. 

At Burn Boot Camp, you will get a full-body workout that incorporates cardiovascular exercises during class.

From jumping rope to plyometric step-ups, you will go through multiple training circuits that will make your heart and lungs work. 

When I interviewed Melani Austria about the long-term benefits of going to a Burn Boot Camp, she mentioned: 

“Every member/client I’ve asked that has been with me longer than two years have said that they continue to do boot camp classes to maintain good heart health, full-body strength, and a positive mindset.

So the long-term effects are your heart health and strength!”

It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or an older member—you will be able to attend all Burn Boot Camp classes.

The class is designed to be personalized for each member, allowing you to work within your limits. 

At Burn Boot Camp, there is also a differing class schedule that changes the class style throughout the week.

Some classes will be a cardio-focused workout, and others will focus more on strength training. 

While you may worry that these classes will leave you exhausted, in many cases, you will feel energized after going to Burn Boot Camp.

In a study conducted by the University of Georgia Department of Kinesiology, strong evidence links improved energy after exercising. 

Increased Muscular Strength and Size 

Burn Boot Camp is so popular, in part, because it’s a lot more than just a cardio boot camp class.

During each class, you will go through different exercise circuits that include calisthenics and weight lifting exercises. 

Depending on your studio’s unique schedule, you may have classes that target specific muscle groups like legs or upper body.

You get to pick and choose which classes you want to attend each week, with the schedule typically posted on the studio walls. 

However, while Burn Boot Camp has the potential to help you achieve your ideal physique, you will need to be consistent.

Activating your body’s response to gain muscle is a long process, and you will need to attend class often. 

As a personal trainer, Melani Austria has seen first-hand what boot camp classes can do for her clients.

She shared a personal anecdote with a past client’s success in gaining strength by attending classes, stating:

“You will become stronger, and you will notice by the end of the month that you can do much more than you could on the first day.

My client Kara couldn’t do 1 pushup on her first day (perfect form pushup), and after her first 30 days, she was able to do 5 perfect form push-ups!” 

It’s often discouraging for beginners to see they aren’t progressing as fast as they would like after a week or two.

However, it’s important that you think long-term and measure your progress over a longer timeframe. 

You will soon notice that your strength increases, and your muscles will become more defined.

If you lose fat and develop better muscle tone in your first 30 days at Burn Boot Camp, the results will be visible in the mirror. But in general, building a more toned physique and better overall strength takes time.

And remember, if it’s huge muscles you want, you should try incorporating weightlifting into your routine.

Improved Confidence in Fitness 

If you are a beginner to fitness, it can be intimidating to join a fitness studio and potentially make mistakes while you learn.

Burn Boot Camp has created the perfect environment for people of all fitness backgrounds. 

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or you have several years of experience, you will feel welcome at a Burn Boot Camp studio.

Additionally, the instructors that lead these classes are highly qualified and helpful — which is great for your overall motivation to workout.

Burn Boot Camp also keeps their exercise selection simple, allowing you to gain your confidence in class quickly.

Personal trainer Erin Mahoney mentioned the learning curve of Burn Boot Camp, saying: 

“The learning curve will happen in just one visit. The movements are simple and easy to master.”

Demetri Alavis, calisthenics athlete and coach, also notes how many people will see improvements in their technique in a short timeframe. He says:

“There is no doubt that one may see significant improvements at a camp, primarily with technique improvement.”

If you have any questions or limitations about an exercise that the instructor asks you to do, they will be happy to help.

The staff at Burn Boot Camp are encouraging and will strive to ensure you stay informed during class. 

Confidence also comes from the people that will be attending the classes with you at a Burn Boot Camp studio.

You will see similar faces and can develop friendships that can be great for keeping you accountable. 

When attending class, it feels like a team environment with members giving high fives throughout the workout.

If you like to feel a part of a team, Burn Boot Camp is definitely the place for you.

Customized Fitness Plans

Burn Boot Camp goes above and beyond by helping you meet your fitness goals in all parts of your routine.

You can meet with a trainer at many Burn Boot Camp studios to do a “Focus Meeting.” 

At one of these meetings included in your membership, you and an instructor will go over your fitness goals and develop a plan for you to achieve them.

If there’s a specific result you want to see in your first month at Burn Boot Camp, or beyond, this is how you’ll make it happen!

Covering everything from your diet to your recovery routine, you will have all the tools you need to meet your goals. 

If you choose to do a Focus Meeting, it’s best to remain honest about any past injuries or what exercises you have trouble performing.

The trainer will help develop alternatives that you can do in class that work best with your body. 

Wrapping Up 

Attending a Burn Boot Camp for at least 30 days can lead to lots of improvement for people of all backgrounds.

Not only in the way you look, but in the way you feel!

Whether you are a beginner looking to join a fitness studio or an experienced gym-goer looking for a positive atmosphere, Burn Boot Camp is an excellent choice. 

You will improve your muscular strength, heart health, and overall body composition after even just a few workouts at Burn.

Not sure if Burn Boot Camp is right for you? Go to your local Burn Boot Camp studio for a free trial of their group workout classes. 

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