I actually tried the Simply Fit Board (Review + pros and cons)

One of the biggest hits in recent Shark Tank history has now become a hugely popular piece of fitness equipment:

The Simply Fit Board (Amazon link)

After wowing Mark, Lori, Robert, and yes, even Mr. Wonderful, the creators of the Fit Board got the investment they needed to catapult their product to the mainstream.

The hype was huge. The product looked fun. It promised big fitness and health results for anyone who used it.

But… does the Simply Fit Board actually work?

I got my hands on one and decided to find out for myself to write this Simply Fit Board review. But first…


Weight Limit Workout DVD Colors Price
Simply Fit Board (Amazon) 400lbs Yes 5 $$
Twist-E Fit Board 350lbs No 6 $

What is the Simply Fit Board?

The Simply Fit Board is a fitness balance board, with a *ahem*… twist.

The twist is that on the Fit Board you can, well, twist; introducing a completely new and unique range of motion to traditional balance board workouts.

The board promises it’ll help you reduce belly fat, fight the muffin top, slim your waistline, and strengthen your core and balance.

Essentially, the board is a molded piece of flexible plastic-like material that you stand, sit, or kneel on, and can twist on the ground. It’s designed to be used in a host of workouts, many of which are explained on the accompanying DVD.

The primary function of the board is to work your core during the trademarked twisting motion, but it can also be used to add instability to pushups, squats, and other movements to make them more difficult and better for overall strength and athleticism.

The board comes in four colors: blue, green, magenta, and orange.

What exercises can you do with the Simply Fit Board?

You can do way more with the Fit Board than you’d think.

Yes, the board is known for its twisting component, but when you start to work your way through the workout DVD, you’ll find that’s just the beginning:

With the Simply Fit Board, you can also do:

  • Basic twist
  • Plank (with twist)
  • Crossunder planks
  • Spiderman planks
  • Plank walks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Standing jacknife
  • Pushups (with twist)
  • Wood choppers
  • Screaming squats
  • Bridges / hip thrusts (with twisting and/or rocking)
  • Donkey kicks
  • Also adds difficulty to any dumbbell exercise

And plenty, plenty more.

What’s on the Simply Fit Board DVD?

Included with the Simply Fit Board is a DVD that includes breakdowns of different exercises you can do with the board and a number of complete routines.

The DVD includes 8 different routines, all clocking in at about 10 minutes a piece:

  • Basic full body workout
  • Push workout
  • Ab & core workout
  • Lug & glute workout
  • Pull workout
  • Advanced full body workout

There’s also a set of clips that simply show you some of the different ways the Simply Fit Board can be used.

The production value on the DVD is pretty good overall (though the sound mixing wasn’t great at times), and the workouts are easy and fun to follow.

You tried the Simply Fit Board, what’d ya think?

I sure did! (Those are my feet right there to your right. Don’t judge my shoes.)

I ordered mine from Amazon (link) and it arrived 2 days later in a simple cardboard box. There wasn’t a whole lot of packaging… once I cut the box open, the board was ready to use and came with the DVD in a cardboard sleeve along with some basic instructions.

My first impression of the board was that the construction didn’t seem amazing, to be honest. It’s supposed to have some flex to it, but it truly feels like it could snap at any moment. (Some reviewers have complained of theirs breaking.)

I tried two of the DVD workouts – Core and Abs, and Push workout.

My two overall impressions:

The Simply Fit Board is challenging: The moves definitely took some getting used to, and will test, challenge, and improve your balance and stability.

I honestly don’t think there’s anything magical or revolutionary about the board and the movements, but it adds a level of complexity and difficulty to some really basic moves that I liked.

Simply planks and pushups become much more shaky, hard to stabilize, and challenging (in a good way!). This board will definitely make you use muscles you’re not used to working, and that’s a good thing.

The Fit Board is also really fun: I have to admit, I really enjoyed working out with this thing.

It’s different, it’s fun to sit there and twist around and spin and try new variations of the same moves you’ve done a thousand times. If you need a little extra motivation, or just a change-up to your routine, to get you going again, the Simply Fit Board might just do the trick.

Don’t take my word for it! Read real customer reviews of the Simply Fit Board on Amazon.

Does the Simply Fit Board really work?

Yes and No. It depends on how you define “work.”

Will the Simply Fit Board give you a solid workout and a nice burn in your core and abs? Absolutely!

Will using it for 15 minutes three times per week completely transform your body?

In my opinion, probably not.

BUT, you could say the same for almost any workout or piece of fitness equipment.

What’s ultimately going to move the needle when it comes to your physique (or weight loss) is consistency, progression (challenging yourself with progressively harder and more strenuous workouts), and diet.

I do think the Fit Board can play an important (and fun!) role in your quest to a better body, but only if you stick with it and keep your diet clean.

The Simply Fit Board: Pros, cons & the verdict

Alright, there’s really only one question left to answer about the Fit Board.

Is it worth your money?


  • It’s fun!
  • Great challenge for your core stability and balance
  • Included workout DVD is a great guide to get you going
  • Choose from four colors (green, blue, pink, or orange)


  • Questionable construction & durability
  • Not a “complete” fitness solution. Won’t get you ripped on its own.
  • Need dumbbells for many of the workout variations

The Verdict

The Simply Fit Board is a fun way to workout, and definitely worth a try if you need a little motivation or something to get you started with at-home exercise.

I’d caution against anyone thinking this is a cure-all that will magically help you shed fat and get ripped.

It’s just like any other fitness accessory – ab wheels, medicine balls, or even a set of dumbbells – if you use it consistently and align your diet with your fitness goals, you’ll see results.

If you try it a couple of times, eat whatever you want, and give up, then no… it won’t work.

So with that in mind, the choice is really up to you!

Get current price and read real customer reviews of the Simply Fit Board on Amazon.

Simply Fit Board FAQ

Was the Simply Fit Board really on Shark Tank?

It sure was! Back in 2015 the creators brought their product on the hit reality show to pitch investors. They wound up getting a great and quite lucrative deal from Lori Greiner for $125,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.

Sales exploded after the episode aired, with the company doing nearly $2 million in sales of their unique product within 48 hours of the television appearance.

With Lori’s guidance over the next year, Simply Fit Board grew into a multi-million dollar company and one of the world’s hottest fitness brands.

What colors does the Simply Fit Board come in?

Four color: Blue, orange, magenta, and green.

Can the Simply Fit Board cause injuries?

Like any exercise activity, there’s some inherent risk and you should definitely consult your doctor before using it if you have known health conditions. That said, it’s pretty safe in my opinion and highly unlikely to injure you.

What if my Simply Fit Board cracks?

Some people have mentioned cracked Simply Fit Boards. Luckily, the company is pretty generous about returns, especially through Amazon.

Simply log into your Amazon account and start the return process as normal. You can bring the board directly to a UPS store and have them package it up for you and print the label, which is usually the easiest way (you might have to pay a dollar or so for packaging).

Pro tip: Save your original package for a few weeks while you’re deciding whether you want to keep your board, that way you won’t have to buy new packaging in the event of a return.

Will the Simply Fit Board help me get weight loss results?

If you workout with the board AND eat in a consistent calorie deficit, then yes! You’ll lose weight. If you don’t dial in your nutrition properly, then no form of exercise is going to help.

You can definitely get a stronger core, and improve strength and endurance throughout your entire body with these workouts, but the only way to actually burn fat using the Simply Fit Board is to eat fewer calories than you consume.

(Bodyweight x 12 calories is a pretty good starting point for weight loss.)

Can I use the Simply Fit Board at a standing desk?

Yes! This is a really popular way to use the board. Simply stand, rock, and twist on the board while at your standing desk, focusing on other tasks, for a really nice relatively passive workout that will slowly and subtly build your core muscles.

It’s also a great activity to do while watching TV instead of lounging on the couch.

What is the Simply Fit Board challenge?

The company behind the board runs something called the Simply Fit Board 21 Day Challenge, where they challenge you to do a 30 minute workout on the board every day for 21 days straight.

There’s also a community there to motivate you, share progress, and see before and after photos.

You can learn more at the challenge’s official website.

Can I buy the Simply Fit Board at Dollar General?

Dollar General does have a pretty expansive section of As Seen on TV products, but as of right now there’s no specific mention of the Simply Fit Board on the store’s official website.

Is the Simply Fit Board a scam?

Definitely not. Whether it works for you or not is up to your own dedication, proper use of the product, and nutrition. But I can confirm this is a real company and a real, well-made product. I ordered a board of my own from Amazon and actually used it in real life, so I know for sure that it’s not a scam!

Get yours on Amazon.

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  1. I love mine! I take it with me when I travel, substitute water bottles for dumbbells or use bands or do more of a "floor" workout with it. It is easy to ‘grade’ the exercises for one’s own fitness level.

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