Does Kinobody Work? (Research & Real Transformations)

If you’re been following Greg O’Gallagher and Kinobody on YouTube and Instagram for a while…

… or if you just saw one of the company’s legendary ads…

… you might be wondering something.

Yeah, the programs seem great and all, but does Kinobody work?

Like actually work?

Yes, Kinobody programs work. I’ve done several of them myself and had great results, not to mention a lot of fun following the workouts and flexible Kinobody diet.

But I want to break this down even further, so below I’ll show you why the Kinobody style of lifting only 2-3 times per week is backed by exercise science, what the research says about reverse pyramid training, and show you real transformations from other Kino Warriors.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Does low frequency training (2-3 workouts per week) work?

Is 2 or 3 workouts per week enough to see muscle gains?

There are tons of studies that suggest relatively minimal training frequency can have equal, or better results, to higher frequency splits.

Typical bodybuilder “bro-workouts” have you in the gym 4, 5, or sometimes 6 days per week.

On Kinobody, you’ll only workout 3 times per week (or even 2 if you’re on Aggressive Fat Loss).

A lot of people worry that’s not enough, because they’ve been conditioned to think they need to LIVE in the gym to see results.


Research indicates that just 1 workout per week is really enough to maintain strength and muscle, and even 1-3 workouts per week can be incredibly effective at building strength on a variety of exercises.

3 workouts per week seems to be a perfect sweet spot for most people.


  • Allows your body plenty of time to recover between sessions
  • Gives you enough frequency to gain strength on key lifts
  • Fits into most busy lifestyles

On the Aggressive Fat Loss Program, you’ll only lift twice per week!

It’s perfect for low-calorie cutting. You’ll maintain strength with ease and feel great from all the rest and recovery the program provides.

Does reverse pyramid training work?

Once you decide to train, say, the bench press, there are a lot of ways to do it.

You could use:

  • Straight sets (3 sets of 8-12 reps with the same weight, for example)
  • Pyramid sets (Several sets of progressively heavier and heavier loads)
  • Or reverse pyramid training, one heavy set followed by progressively lighter sets

On the Kinobody programs, you’ll utilize mostly reverse pyramid training for gaining strength on your big lifts, like the incline bench press, standing press, weighted pull-ups, and more.

But is reverse pyramid training actually effective?

Yes, most strength training coaches and experts agree RPT works well, and the scientific literature backs up these claims (It’s at least as effective as standard pyramid training.)

Whether it’s the BEST training method or not depends on a ton of factors, but regardless, RPT has a few upsides:

  • It’s fast. You can get a lot of work done in fewer sets than some other training protocols.
  • It’s conducive to hitting PRs. You’ll always lift your heaviest weight when you can attack it fresh.

You won’t ONLY use RPT on Kinobody. You’ll do some exercises using straight sets, and for others you’ll use higher volume approaches like Rest Pause Training and Kino Rep Training.

But RPT will help you build the foundation of your strength on these programs, and it’ll work well.

Does Kinobody actually get results? (Real transformations)

Does Kinobody work? Check out the real-life transformations below and you tell me!

(You can see my own personal results by heading over to my review of Warrior Shredding.)

The folks below all took to social media to show off their new physiques after following all of the various Kino programs.

Check them out!


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And some Kinobody women’s transformations, too!


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Wrapping Up

Convinced yet?

Don’t let the flashy cars and slick ads fool you.

Kinobody is based on sound exercise science, and it delivers excellent results if you follow the programs properly.

They’re well worth the investment — not only to get the full blueprint for an amazing body, but because of the knowledgable and engaged Kino Warrior community you get access to as a paying customer.

(Plus, get $20 off right now by taking the Kinobody Physique Builder Quiz which suggests the perfect program for you to start on.)

If you’re looking to learn a little more about Greg O’Gallagher, start on my Kinobody FAQ page.

Hope this helped!