The 3 best pull up bars according to Reddit

Man doing pull ups at the gym with pull up bar

If you’re working out at home, a pull up bar should be a non-negotiable part of your training.

It can be extremely difficult to work your back and biceps properly without one (unless you also happen to have really heavy dumbbells at home, which most people don’t or can’t afford).

When I’m trying to get the skinny on workout programs or equipment, I almost always go to Reddit first so I can find out what real people have to say.

(I recently did this with power racks and adjustable dumbbells.)

So with that in mind… what are the best pull up bars according to Reddit? Here’s what I found after studying tons of threads on r/bodyweightfitness and more.

Let’s take a look at each of them, plus some Reddit reviews from real users, to help you decide which one might be right for you.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

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This one is simple, but it gets the job done.

(In fact, I own this one myself and have been using it with no issues!)

It’s your run of the mill doorway pull up bar that hooks to the top of the door frame and wedges itself along the sides for a snug and secure fit.

You can do wide grip, neutral grip, and underhand pull ups or chin ups with this bar.

Plus, if you take it off the door and lay it on the ground, you can use it for deficit pushups, dips, sit ups, and more.

Reddit users say that, while it’s not the highest quality bar in the world, the construction is sturdy enough and (if it fits your door frame), it’s highly unlikely that you’ll slip off.


  • Budget friendly price
  • Easy to “install” and remove
  • Use for neutral, underhand, wide pull ups, plus pushups, dips, and more


  • Might not withstand your weight if you’re 200+ pounds, even though official weight limit is 300
  • Can ding your doorframe (users suggest putting socks over the ends of the bar to prevent this)

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Reddit Reviews

Here’s what some of the folks on r/bodyweightfitness and other subreddits are saying about this one:

TexasFlood_ is a longtime user of the Iron Gym doorway bar, and writes that it’s held up really well over time.

However, they caution that it can ding up your door frame and recommend putting towels over the ends (I’ve also seen socks recommended) to prevent scraping.

“I’ve had mine for nearly four years,” they write. “It’s solid.”

A now deleted user writes: “Ive had the same Iron Gym pullup bar for 5 years and have done weighted pullups on it with over 250 pounds… I’ve also used it for rings and front/back levers.”

“Shit is pretty solid,” they write, although they add the foam grips might not hold up forever.

u/CarrotJuiceIsMurder echoes some of the thoughts of others when it comes to the high quality of the bar.

“The design of the thing is pretty well done,” they write. “It does have some downward pull, but quite a lot of your weight is made to pinch the door frame instead.”

And finally, if you’re worrying about slipping and hurting yourself when using the bar, you’re probably in good hands according to 404NOTF0UND.

“It definitely stays absolutely flush on the wall when in use just because of the design.”

You can check the latest price and read more reviews of the Iron Gym bar on Amazon.

Stamina X Boulder Fit Doorway Trainer

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If you’re willing to spend just a little more money, you can get some pretty cool extra features with the Stamina X boulder pull up bar.

It works pretty much the same as the Iron Gym bar, giving you options for wide overhand pull ups, under hand, neutral and more. You can also use it for deficit pushups, dips, sit ups, and all kinds of extra movements.

But one feature I love on the boulder trainer is the addition of rock climbing grips on the bar for rock climbing-style pull ups and grip training!

If you’re into specific types of training, rock climbing, or want to improve your grip strength — this is the bar for you.


  • Wide, neutral, and underhand grips available
  • Rock climbing grips allow you to train your grip and finger strength
  • Still affordable compared to high-end models


  • Not the cheapest budget pick
  • Most people won’t get much use out of the rock climbing grips

Stamina X Pull Up Bar Reddit Reviews

Stamina is a really popular brand with at-home fitness junkies.

The folks at r/fitness and r/bodyweight fitness love their pull up bars and power towers, in particular.

The Boulder doorway trainer is mentioned in passing pretty frequently when people ask for pull up bar recommendations, and it’s almost always mentioned as the best choice for improving grip strength or training rock climbing technique.

Stamina X reddit review

The best place to get the Stamina X Doorway Trainer is on Amazon.

Rogue Jammer Pull Up Bar

Rogue is one of the best names in all of fitness and strength training, hands down.

So it’s no surprise that their home pull up bar, the “Jammer”, is considered the Mac Daddy of all pull up bars.

If you’re a little leery of the pull up bars that wedge themselves on top of your door frame, you might need something a little sturdier. The Jammer installs directly into the stud above your door frame and can handle hundreds of pounds of weight without budging a millimeter.

The only downside of this one (beside the installation, which you’ll need to be a little handy for) is that there are no neutral grips. You’ll only be able to do standard underhand and overhand pull ups on this equipment.


  • Unreal quality and durability
  • Can handle as much weight as you can throw at it and will never fall off
  • Looks beautiful (in a manly way!)


  • No neutral or other specialty grips
  • Requires installation & is semi-permanently attached
  • Most expensive option

Rogue Jammer Reddit Reviews

Redditors love Rogue, and especially the Jammer, for at-home fitness and calisthenics.

Here’s what they’re saying.

Kfeelan posted to share that they had installed a Rogue Jammer after considering dozens of different options, and shared a picture of the finished product.

They write that it “seems pretty heavy duty and solid so should hold up.”

Users below in the thread complimented the choice, so bravo!

This quick exchange is a double whammy.

User Rryl writes that the Jammer will definitely be secure (in response to an OP asking if these kinds of pull up bars are safe or likely to fall) and user therustylink chimes in with another thumbs up.

“Agreed great one to get” they write.

User mgxm26 gives a shoutout to Rogue customer service and their engineering department, not to mention the sturdiness of the piece.

“Mine is hung exactly how they do it in the video and it feels like I could hang a car on it.”

Finally, dvdcrspjr throws in a good word for Rogue quality and durability over the long haul.

“You get what you pay for over 90% of the time,” they write, adding that the extra cost is worth it for better service and longevity.

Wrapping Up

So that about covers the best pull up bars according to Reddit!

If you’ve got the cash to invest in a high quality product, want a permanent installation, and are handy enough to install it, go with the Rogue.

But if you want something simpler and cheaper (not to mention, easily removable), you’ll do great with the Iron Gym or the Stamina X.

What did I miss? Do you have a favorite pull up bar for home bodyweight training?

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