The 5 Best Peloton Instructors Who DON’T Talk Too Much

Peloton is one of the biggest exercise crazes the fitness world has ever seen.

People who buy one, almost universally, love it — to the point where it becomes an obsession.

However, there’s one common and major complaint:

Peloton instructors talk too much!

If you’ve struggled to stay in the zone because of too much chatter, motivation, and shoutouts, you’re in the right place.

Part of this is just the Peloton workout style, which is similar to what you’ll find at most spin and cycling studios.

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The instructors try to keep your energy up, engage with live riders, and motivate you to push harder.

If you want to workout with only music and very little instruction, Peloton might not be a great fit for you — or you can just freestyle ride on the bike.

However, there are a few Peloton instructors that are a bit less chatty than their peers. Here are some of the best Peloton trainers who don’t talk too much:

  1. Matt Wilpers
  2. Emma Lovewell
  3. Denis Morton
  4. Ben Alldis
  5. Olivia Amato

Let’s take a look at each of them and what makes them a great fit for riders who like to stay focused!

Matt Wilpers

Overall, Matt Wilpers isn’t one of the most popular or most-discussed Peloton instructors, but he’s a favorite among riders who are truly dedicated to the craft.

He’s well known as a fantastic coach and technician.

Riding with Matt, you’ll learn form and breath cues you never knew — and while his rides will rarely rank among the most difficult (unless you take his Pro rides!), you’ll come back stronger every time.

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Best of all, Matt lets his rides to the talking. When it comes to Peloton trainers, he’s one of the quietest, only interjecting with expert instruction or the occasional anecdote.

If you want to push hard and ride in peace, Matt might be your guy.

Emma Lovewell

Emma, a former DJ and dancer, is all about the music and the beat.

Her rides are expertly crafted and have some of the best playlists of all the instructors on the app.

So you can bet she’s not going to ruin it by talking the whole time!

Like every instructor on this list, Emma does her fair share of motivation, shoutouts, and storytelling — but she’s a welcome and more focused change of pace from some of her peers.

Check out an Emma ride for killer music and a focused ride.

Denis Morton

Denis is a great choice if you feel like the instructors you’ve tried are too loud or talk too much.

Denis Morton is one of the most laid back trainers on the app — with a dry wit and a subtle sense of humor.

He’s not huge on shouting motivational one-liners at you or telling long-winded stories, though he has more than a few interesting life experiences to share.

He’s not totally silent — again, none of these trainers are — but he’s a lot quieter and more chill than some of the more popular instructors.

Give him a try for a leisurely ride focused on the music.

Ben Alldis

Ben is another favorite for people who prefer low-key instructors.

Don’t get me wrong — Ben’s rides are tough and he’ll give you plenty of motivation to stick with him.

But he’s mostly about the work — just some form cues and simple one-liners to keep you going. You won’t get a ton of distractions and long stories during a Ben Alldis ride.

Although he does love his shoutouts!

Give him a try, though, and you may just dig his smooth style.

Olivia Amato

Olivia is my personal favorite instructor on the app, and I find she’s got just the right amount of motivational chatter.

She’s not big on grand speeches and snappy one-liners, but she’ll kick your butt and give you lots of urging and cheerleading to make it over the finish line.

Plus, Olivia’s classes are TOUGH — cycling, tread, strength, you name it — and she’s flat out one of the hardest Peloton instructors.

Try an Olivia class for a sweaty, focused, and brutal challenge.

Wrapping Up

It’s a common theme among certain Peloton riders — they don’t like all the talking, stories, shoutouts, and chatter from instructors.

If that sounds like you, you may need to adjust your expectations on the bike. Lots of encouragement and entertainment is just part of the Peloton style.

However, before you get too discouraged, try a few classes from the instructors above (especially Matt Wilpers) — they may be more your speed.

And if you can handle it, look for Pro, Power Zone, and FTP rides — they tend to have less distractions and shoutouts than standard rides.

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Hope this helps!