The 5 Most Motivating Peloton Instructors Explained

There are a lot of reasons the Peloton experience beats riding a stationary bike at home on your own.

One of the biggest benefits is that following along with an engaging instructor forces you to push harder and get more out of your workouts.

But who are the most motivating Peloton instructors? It all depends on your style and what you respond best to.

For my money, the most motivating Peloton instructors for most riders are, in no particular order:

  1. Alex Toussaint
  2. Christine D’Ercole
  3. Jess King
  4. Robin Arzón
  5. Denis Morton

Let’s take a look at each of them and whether their motivational style might be a good fit for you.

Alex Toussaint

Alex is the man, and he’s probably the most common response when you ask people for the most motivating Peloton instructor.

Think of him like a former drill sergeant who’s been through a lot of therapy.

He challenges you constantly throughout his rides to stay positive and be grateful for the opportunity to move your body.

But he’s not above dishing out some tough love.

Early in one recent ride I heard him say, “I’m Alex Toussaint, and I’m here to kick yo’ ass!”

His rides are notoriously tough, but you’ll really enjoy them and be proud of the work you put in at the end.

(Alex is also one of the best Peloton instructors for Shout Outs, if that’s your thing!)

Christine D’Ercole

Christine, or CDE as she’s known, is a bit of a different breed of instructor.

I have her on my list of the best Peloton instructors for cyclists because she’s an accomplished road cyclist herself and gives amazing technical instruction.

Her motivation style is different than Alex Toussaint and, in fact, most of the instructors on this list.

But a lot of riders really respond well to her calming and comforting brand of inspiration.

She pushes you and encourages you without a lot of hoopla and shouting, giving you the cues and reassurance you need to gut through the toughest parts of the workout.

Jess King

Jess King is a bit of an acquired taste, but her loyal followers swear by her energy and motivational style.

She’s silly, entertaining, and playful — making her one of the funniest Peloton instructors around.

She dances during class, she flirts with the camera, she tells hilarious stories.

And she challenges you to push yourself hard. Her motivational style isn’t so much drill sergeant as it is heady, flower-child hippy.

It’s a little weird and out there, but it works for a lot of riders!

Robin Arzón

Robin is one of the most seasoned veteran Peloton trainers, and she knows how to get the best out of you.

Not only by designing leg-destroying rides (she’s one of the hardest Peloton instructors by far), but through her finely tuned motivational style.

Robin has her own lexicon: Expect to hear a lot about your “hustle” and your “crown.”

And she won’t settle for anything less than your best, constantly calling you out at the exact moment you took off some resistance or let your cadence lag.

“Add it back!” she says. She always knows!

Her rides are brutal but she’ll give you the push you need to complete them.

Denis Morton

If you’re not a big “hustle and crown” type of rider, you might really dig Denis Morton and his more laid back, business-like vibe.

He’s funny and entertaining in his own way, with lots of interesting stories to tell and an infamous dry wit.

But if you find most Peloton instructors talk too much for your taste, you’ll love Denis and his quieter demeanor.

He has an incredible, laser focus on the work at-hand and he’s great at translating that through the screen, giving you just a subtle nudge and push at the right times.

Denis is also really solid when it comes to technical instruction.

When he does talk, you’ll get a lot of substance and not a lot of fluff.

Wrapping Up

Every Peloton instructor on the app is amazing at what they do, and they’re all master motivators.

But everyone has a different style and responds to different things. The above list should give you a little bit of everything to choose from.

If you want your butt kicked and need a little tough love, go with Alex Toussaint. For quieter, more business-like motivation, you’ll love Christine and Denis.

Jess King and Robin Arzón are louder, with big energy and lots of catchphrases. But sometimes that’s exactly what you need to keep pushing.

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