Does OneLife Fitness Have a Pool? (Hot Tub, Sauna & Other Amenities Explained)

OneLife Fitness is a higher-end gym you can find in a select few states, but if there’s one near you, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

You’ll find plenty of equipment and lots of classes at your local OneLife Fitness, and it’s well worth a free to pass to give it a test drive, at the very least.

But if you’re a big swimmer (whether that’s lap swimming or taking aquatic classes), you might have one big question before you even take the tour:

Does OneLife Fitness have a pool?

Pools, hot tubs, and saunas are very common at most OneLife Fitness locations. To find out for sure, you’ll need to call or tour your local club. Best of all, if your location does have a pool, expect a great range of aquatic fitness classes and even swimming lessons for kids of all ages!

Pools and other aquatic amenities are often a huge draw of gyms for a lot of people. So, let’s explore photos and more details about the aquatic amenities at OneLife. 

Does OneLife Fitness Have a Pool?

You can be pretty certain you’ll find a pool at your local OneLife Fitness gym. Of course, amenities vary depending on the location, but you’ll find a full-size pool available at OneLife more often than not.

Give your local OneLife Fitness a call just to double-check, but chances are you’ll find they have a pool available for members to use.

You can also input your location at the bottom of this page to find OneLife Fitness locations with pools near you.

Once you join up, you can use the lap lanes or go for a regular dip if you like working out alone, but there are also aquatic fitness classes available that you should ask your local OneLife gym about. 

Even kids can avail themselves of classes at OneLife Fitness pools! There are instructional classes and programs for beginners and more intermediate swimmers alike.

One of the best things about OneLife Fitness’s pool-based classes is that anyone of any age can take beginner swimming lessons, and anyone of any age can enjoy aerobics and water sports for fitness.

Does OneLife Fitness Have A Hot Tub?

Many OneLife Fitness locations have hot tubs/whirlpools available for you to enjoy and recover in after an intense workout. 

However, due to there only being a handful of OneLife Fitness locations across a few states, it’s difficult to say whether or not there’s a hot tub available at every location.

There are Hydro-based relaxation and recovery options at every OneLife Fitness, and this may very well include a hot tub.

You can expect to find a hot tub at most of OneLife’s locations, but you should always call ahead to make sure.

Does OneLife Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room, or Other Aquatic Amenities?

Like with hot tubs, you can’t be certain that all the amenities will be at every OneLife Fitness location. However, there’s a good chance there’s at least one amenity there for you to enjoy.

Saunas are common at OneLife Fitness locations, and you’ll also find Hydromassages available at many locations.

Hydromassages don’t usually involve you submerging yourself in water, but the chairs and beds do use water pressure to relieve your muscles of tension.

These massages are fantastic for reducing back pain and alleviating soft tissue injuries.

So after you relax in the sauna or hot tub, you should definitely check out the Hydromassage to finish off your aquatic-based day.

Consider it an on-land taste of the comfort a relaxing soak in a hot tub can bring.

Lastly, some OneLife locations have a splash pad/splash pool for kids to enjoy. This isn’t the most common amenity, so check with your local OneLife to see if they’ve got it!

Photos & Descriptions of OneLife Fitness Pools

OneLife Fitness pools are perfectly standard and resemble the pools you’ll find at most gyms.

Pool size is likely to vary depending on location, but you can be sure they’re around the 20–25 yards mark in length. This is typical for gym pools.

Photo courtesy of OneLife Fitness

There are also no specific statements about how deep OneLife Fitness’s pools are, but all the pools are at least 4 feet deep.

The deep end is likely to be around 7 feet in depth, as this is average for gym pools.

The pools typically have three lanes for laps when the dividers are up, but one notable absence from some locations is backstroke flags. So, it may not be the best idea to plan on practicing your backstroke in OneLife Fitness pools if that’s the case.

Photo courtesy of OneLife Fitness Crabapple (Facebook)

You can, of course, practice your other strokes in the pool even if the backstroke flags are missing.

Plus, locations vary, so some do have those flags. It’s best to check what your nearest location has if you’re uncertain. 

Photo courtesy of OneLife Fitness Holly Springs (Facebook)

Wrapping Up

Most OneLife Fitness locations have pools, and many also have hot tubs and saunas for you to enjoy. 

And pools have been added to previously pool-free OneLife locations over the years, so if your local OneLife Fitness doesn’t have a pool now, it may have one in the future.

Never be afraid to ask the staff at the gym if there are plans to add a pool in the coming years.

If you’re looking for a nice pool where you can swim laps and take classes, then OneLife Fitness has got you covered. It’s particularly great for beginners thanks to the classes for all ages.

So get your free trial started today and see for yourself!

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